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ABOUT US  - Insole・Sokuiku -

We will introduce the brand concept of NINOS.

Growth Of Children's Feet “sokuiku”(足育)



Growth Of Children's Feet

It is demonstrated that the human foot bone structure starts taking its fundamental –shape around 7-8 years from birth.

From the shape the foot grew to be at that age, it starts changing towards its finished form.

Being the infant’s feet bone composed mainly of cartilage tissue, they’re constantly unstable.

That’s why the shoes’ function, structure, size and comfort play a fundamental role.

Development Of Ergonomic Insole




森 健 氏は、“子ども成長時期に素材から全て、子どもの成長のために考えられたNINOS®の靴を履くことは、大きな意味を持つことになります。“

Development Of Ergonomic Insole

Son of Mr. Koichi Mori, the first Japanese person to ever manufacture insoles, Mr. Ken Mori has been working for many customers through the years, from children to top athletes.

NINOS® chose him to build an original, balanced insole in order to stimulate the child’s right growing process and not to become and obstacle to the wearer’s health.

Through many studies and trial products he achieved the perfect insole.

Mr. Ken Mori believes that ‘wearing NINOS® shoes, created in consideration of every single particularity of the child’s growth, is going to be something to be proud of’.

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